The primary use of language is communication, therefore in Alfacademy we use the communicative approach to learning English. We understand that learning a language successfully comes through communicating real meaning.
Learning language in context is imperative so that students are able to communicate confidently and effectively in real life situations.

Our personalised courses are learner centered with the students taking an active role in classes.

How is the learning personalised?

Our expert teachers conduct an assessment for learning (AFL) at the beginning of the course, the curriculum is then adapted accordingly to meet each student’s needs.
The student’s objectives, learning styles and interests are all taken into consideration when the teacher is planning the classes.

Studies show that it is more effective to learn with the same teacher throughout language courses to improve feedback opportunities, enhance progression and to create a strong relationship between student and teacher. That’s why at Alfacademy a carefully selected teacher is assigned for the duration of the course.

Our methodology, personalised courses and passionate teachers ensure that students achieve their goals, make excellent progress and grow in confidence in English.

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