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María Loreto González38 years old

I really like using the ELT platform, in particular the grammar exercises and listening to conversations in English have been really helpful. I have been able to improve my pronunciation and train my ear for better comprehension. Also, I find the audiobooks really interesting.

Cata Hampel14 years old

The platform is really user friendly. I enjoy the exercises because of how interactive they are. I also like the grading process and tracking system because it shows my progress and in which categories I need to improve.

Trini Elias11 years old

My English classes are fun and entertaining, I can play games and my English is improving, I have a better pronunciation. I like that I can study in any place! I like the platform ELT because there are stories that you can read and listen to and activities and grammar. It helps improve your vocabulary and to understand English better.

Alexandra & Nicole Fouere15 years old

Our English classes are so fun, we learn a lot and play games too. Through our English classes we have learnt really fast and our teacher is really patient and fun. We are never short of laughs!

Fanny Peralta37 years old

I’m so happy with this new way of learning English, it’s amazing what I’ve been able to achieve in three months. My teacher motivates me, reinforces learning and corrects my mistakes through her teaching techniques, I thought it would be more difficult but actually I can’t wait for the classes!

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