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María Loreto González

I really like using the ELT platform, in particular the grammar exercises and listening to conversations in English have been really helpful. I have been able to improve my pronunciation and train my ear for better comprehension. Also, I find the audiobooks really interesting.

Cata Hampel, School student

The platform is really user friendly. I enjoy the exercises because of how interactive they are. I also like the grading process and tracking system because it shows my progress and in which categories I need to improve.

Trini Elias, School student

My English classes are fun and entertaining, I can play games and my English is improving, I have a better pronunciation. I like that I can study in any place! I like the platform ELT because there are stories that you can read and listen to and activities and grammar. It helps improve your vocabulary and to understand English better.

Alexandra & Nicole Fouere, School students

Our English classes are so fun, we learn a lot and play games too. Through our English classes we have learnt really fast and our teacher is really patient and fun. We are never short of laughs!

Fanny Peralta, UN Women

I’m so happy with this new way of learning English, it’s amazing what I’ve been able to achieve in three months. My teacher motivates me, reinforces learning and corrects my mistakes through her teaching techniques, I thought it would be more difficult but actually I can’t wait for the classes!

Fermin Molina, Software Developer

The classes in Alfacademy are really entertaining and fun, you learn without realising you are in class. It is perfect for me as I find “traditional classes” completely boring. I really liked the needs analysis at the start and how the classes are focused on this to ensure maximum learning in a short time frame

Antonella Unterholzner, Project Manager

My teacher has a lot of experience teaching, not only is she a native English speaker, therefore, she proposes activities based on this experience. The classes are adapted to my professional needs as this is my main objective. I am really happy and satisfied with my classes and I am making the most of this opportunity.

Natalia Muñoz

I studied in Alfacademy for a few months and it was the best decision I could’ve made. The administrator was very attentive to see how I felt in class and checked in on my progress. I was so happy with my teacher, she had unmatched patience and an excellent methodology. I learnt so much and I also had access to their online platform which complemented the classes perfectly. I would 100% recommend Alfacademy to learn English.

Jesus Vargas, Trademark Paralegal

I prepared for my IELTS exam in Alfacademy because I needed a good grade for my working visa for the UK. The classes were very good and the teacher was well prepared. Alfacademy designed a tailor-made program for me and I got an excellent result. I fully recommend it!

Carlos Panozo, Technology and Services Manager, Mainsoft S.A

Thanks to my conversation classes with Alfacademy, I was able to practise my English skills and participate more effectively in my work meetings.

Pedro Breton

I feel a great advance in my communication skills in English. As well as being able to take the classes from anywhere, I think one of the major advantages is having native teachers. They combine open conversation (very entertaining for a cultural exchange) with activities and exercises appropriate for my level.

Nicolás Yuraszeck, Lawyer

In the month that I have been taking classes, I have to say I am very happy with them. My teacher has shown himself to be a professional educator, who prepares the classes well. Additionally my teacher has a great methodology and is punctual with the start and end of class. He focuses on the important parts of the subject and is courteous. His interest in my progress as a student is not limited to the teaching of the classes but also in the project or objective set by the student.

Paloma Castillo, Student

The classes have been very good and I have advanced so much, they are really entertaining because they have a little bit of everything; games and exercises. Thank you very much.

Daniel Imperatore, Limonada

The classes are very dynamic, I like them a lot. I like to start by talking about myself, and what I did at the weekend because new words or concepts always come up. The dynamic of the class is very friendly. Well done Alfacademy for the classes, they are the whole package, dynamic and friendly.

Marco Gutierrez, Xbrein, Data Engineer

Excellent teachers – a great system for learning.

Magdalena Provis R, UNAIDS LAC

The classes with Alfacademy have been the best classes I have ever had. I have been studying English for 5 years and I have not found an academy with a clear, simple and entertaining method like this one. The human quality of the teachers is remarkable, as well as the real interest they show in helping you learn.

Carolina Barros, Senior Lawyer, Esmax

The classes are well-rounded, dynamic and adapted to the requirements of the students. The proximity with the teachers generates the necessary trust to raise doubts and needs and to learn from a basic level to an advanced level. Additionally, the platform used is very ample and ranges from reading articles of interest to dynamic games and other activities that complement learning. I would definitely recommend it.

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