Conversation Classes

Do you want to be more confident speaking a foreign language? Would you like to fully participate in conversations with foreign friends? Are you required to give presentations at work or want to travel abroad?

We have the perfect solution for you: Conversation classes 100% online.

Our experienced teachers correct your pronunciation and mistakes to improve your accuracy and confidence when speaking.
Flexible timetable from Monday to Friday
Available in English, French and Spanish


Individual or group classes according to your needs

We will create the best plan for you

5 Classes

5 hours of conversation classes valid for 2 months

This is the perfect opportunity

to try out our classes!

10 Classes

10 hours valid for 2 months

Ideal to add to one of our English courses

to accelerate your progress

16 Classes

16 hours valid for 2 months

Highly recommended!

Improve your pronunciation and avoid mistakes when speaking